• samsung-galaxy-s6-aluminium-unibody

    Samsung Galaxy S6 gets aluminium unibody and curvet at edges

    Rumours about the new technology and ongoing happening in the market never come to an end and same is the case with Samsung Galaxy S6. Today a message is flashed about the possibility of having slightly curved screen from both the sides and aluminium unibody of the smart phone introduced by Samsung. The idea about […]
  • Cyanogen-CEO-comment-on-Samsung

    ‘‘Samsung couldn’t build a good OS if they tried” Said Cyanogen CEO

    With a huge population, India is the leading smart phone market in the world. Every now and then, a new company steps in the big market of smart phone, Yu Digital is not an exception. This company is more or less similar to OnePlus that came from OPPO. YU Digital has launched a new smartphone […]
  • Xiao Red US 2S Leaked

    Xiaomi Red US 2S Leaked: TENAA

    Just after sensation of Xiaomi ‘Red US 1S’, its successor ‘Xiaomi Red US 2S’ has been disclosed as its descendant. ‘Xiaomi Red US 2S’ runs Android- based operating system developed by Xiaomi own custom (OS) MIUI. The phone features 4.7 inches HD (720 p) display. Powered by 64- bit Red Snap Dragon 410 processor, the […]

Samsung Note 4 And Note Expected To Get Android 5.0.1 And Will Skip 5.0

Note Edge and Smaung E Series Will Get Android 5.0.1 As the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop being rolling out for a couple of months now, it’s no shocker that it’s lastly coming out to many other such devices. As Motorola has controlled to leave Google behind by punching its Moto X – 2014 model with a latest update android 5.0 Lollipop. Now, Samsung […]

Apple Enhancing The Touch ID Security Using Finger Motion Tracking

Apple-Enhancing-The-Touch-ID As per a recently published Apple patent application, the company has revealed its very much interest in terms of enhanced security capabilities for the iPhone home button and Touch ID. This patent application illustrates the pairing of the Touch ID sensor with an on-screen combination lock or other secondary security feature on the phone. This […]

Golden Colour Of Gold Is The New Look Of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Edge-Gold If you are looking for a smart phone with a unique design that will make you stand out of the crowd with your unique personality and choice, then you should stop here, after having a look at Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Taiwan Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hails from Vietnam! In the above shown image, you […]

Google’s announced to shut down its Freebase service on June of the coming year

Google-will-shutdown-freebase Freebase service ends their tie up with Google, but still continue to live in some other place. Google has recently announced to turn off the Google Freebase service in the year 2015 as Freebase Wikidata comes as an independent project. Google is here to transfer all the relevant information to Freebase Wikidata through their official […]

Samsung Website “Confirms” arrival SM J100H

Samsung SMJ100H-leak Surprise news!! Samsung confirms the release of a new series of its Smart phones with the letter ‘A’ namely Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7, a series with the newest Samsung Galaxy E family looks, by allowing a user agent profile of the E500F and E700F. It’s more or less confirmed on the Samsung […]


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is coming with some surprising upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Coming with Surprising Upgrades

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s camera detail just happen to leak out. This news has already made a headline especially for android users as they are already expecting it to Full Story »

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Huawei Ascend Y550 Review: A Disappointing Budget Phone

If you have noticed, Huawei was a phone that was mostly associated with the phrase ‘Flagship quality’, and this was seen prominently specially a year back when the specificatio Full Story »


Send Free SMS- Way2SMS

Learn How to Signup and Login on Way2SMS

Way2SMS.com is considered to be India’s biggest free messaging destination because it has more than 40 million registered users. It is also big because it holds 500 million conta Full Story »

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Flintstones Bedrock - Game For PC

How to Download the Flintstones Bedrock for Android, iOS and PC

Have you heard of the famous Flintstones? I am sure you have heard it before, because it was one of the best shows to air on the cartoon network channel. This show makes a comeback Full Story »