• samsung-youm-flexible-oled-phone-tablet-concept

    Samsung is going to come with foldable display by 2015

    Flexible displays will gradually get familiar to our lives as days go by and will soon become a part of our lives. With the production of smartphones such as LG G Flex,Samsung Galaxy Round, and Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung has already entered a new phase of production in the history of mobile phone making companies. Now, since […]
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 PLus

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus available for sale in Europe

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus smartphone was revealed earlier just a month ago and now it is going to be made available in Europe. It is a more premium, stronger and updated version of the previous Galaxy S5 Flagship phone and has more similarities it has differences. A difference between these two siblings is very minute. It […]
  • Xiaomi

    Xiaomiaims to become world’s top smartphones within 10 years

    Xiaomi has been having running really well ever since the launch of its first model. Xiaomi was founded in the month of April 2010 and hadlaunched its first phone in the month of August 2011. And around three years later, it became the world’s No.3 smartphone maker by sales volumes. And it achieved this despite only […]

Galaxy Note Edge Premium Edition to arrive in Germany

gadgetreviewed Note Edge Rumour has it that Samsung Germany wanted to gain some surety, clarity and perception on whether the Samsung users of Germany would like the latest and trending Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in their country or whether they were fine just having its sibling. So, as the subsidiary decided to ask and understood the wants and desires […]

BlackBerry Classic ready for pre-order now at $449

Untitled It has been some months since the Canadian smartphone makershave been teasing the BlackBerry Classic out front. And not just that, the representatives hadalmost half the way announced the arrival of its new phone and then later in increments revealed bits and pieces of it as months passed by.Blackberry Classic is finally up for pre-orders by the […]

You Can Charge Your iPhone Only in 6 Seconds

iPhone 6 I recently came across this amazing technology invented in Taiwan, which seems to have developed incredible technology, which has the capacity to charge your iPhone in roughly 6 Seconds and do the same for other phone devices in around 40 seconds. Lo Shi-wu, an assistant professor in the National Chung Cheng University made a statement saying, “When I looked at […]

OnePlus One is making its second round for pre-orders

OnePLus One OnePlus One was launched and up for pre-orders just the previous month, is now making a comeback with the second round the very similar pre-order system. OnePlus launched this unique and creative pre-order system as an opportunity to purchase the OnePlus One without having an invite, and resulted in making tens of thousands of fans […]

One Plus One’s battery does not over charge!

No overcharging in OPO Have you ever thought that the battery of a phone, once being fully charged further charges the phone?  This over charging of the phone heats up the battery, eventually heating the entire body. We have seen this earlier in TV, Newspapers and Internet explaining how the phone got burst while the person was still talking […]

Huawei Ascend Y550 Review: A Disappointing Budget Phone

Huawei-Ascend-Y550 If you have noticed, Huawei was a phone that was mostly associated with the phrase ‘Flagship quality’, and this was seen prominently specially a year back when the specifications the Huawei phones came with matched the Flagship confirmation quality. Well, it seems that times have changed now because apparently, the mid-level phones that are coming […]

YotaPhone Review: Dual-screen Display Stands Out in the Crowd

new yota mobile review and speficiations “The New Yotaphone Review“: The Yotaphone is made by the Russian company having the very similar name. It is a 4.3 Android based smartphone which not only has a front screen with 720p resolution but also gets another display on the back with E-ink display. Both the display on the front and the back get […]

House of Marley Liberate On-Ear Headphones Review

House of Marley Liberate On-Ear Headphones1 The House of Marley Liberate Headphones adds this beautiful piece on to the company’s On-ear line-up. This headset gets really attractive design, eco-friendly material built, and their signature audio for just about $100.House of Marley headphones provides a complete balance of impressive audible experience, aesthetic feel, as well as the pricing. The House of Marley […]

OnePlus One Mobile Hands on Review: Phone Of the Year 2014

oneplus one slight look “OnePlus One” is a new company who have just put its first foot the market with its phone ”One”, but surprisingly has made a huge buzz. This phone has planned its entry really well it seems. The name is unique and the logo as well. Only time will tell how much brand name they will […]

Huawei Ascend mate 7 Review: Big, Robust and Powerful

huawei_ascend_mate7_10 The Huawei Ascend Mate7 is first phablet that the company has come out with. Previously we saw two mid-ranged phones in the Mate series, which came with a lot of promise and competitiveness, and did really well. This particular device was built to stand out and sneakily undercut the rival. It without outlasted and outperformed […]

How to Download and Install the Google Play Store 5.0.32 APK

Google Play Store 5.0.32 APK Google Play Store updates are several in counts, because of which the latest update does not stay thatimportant for a long time. Interesting to know, however, is that the Google Play Store 5.0.32 comes withthe key and prime graphicelements and influence of the major version of the upcoming OS Android L. Just to inform, it […]

How to Download Bluestacks Offline Installer on Windows 7/XP/8 & 8.1

BlueStacks Bluestacks is a very useful Android Emulator Software and runs Android Apps on our PC/Mac very easily. Bluestacks helps you easily download, install and run the android apps on your PC, be it messaging apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat, BBM, Viber or amazing and widely popular games such as Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Flappy Birds or be itimportant Apps like Truecaller, Truedialler […]

How to Download Viber on Windows PC or Laptop

Viber-for-PC Viber is an Instant messaging Client, and is the best contender to Whatsapp, WeChat or other messaging app, but is not as popular as WhatsApp. Viber allows you to effortless send and receive free messages, but it is mostly popular for its free Voice call feature, which apparently the Whatsapp does not provide. Viber was originally released […]

Fix for Bluestacks 25000 Graphics Card Error Issues Windows XP, 7, 8.1

Bluestacks 25000 Graphics Card Error Bluestacks is a very popular app for downloading Android apps on to the PC or LaptopBluestack. Despite that, there might some people who would be aware of Bluestack. It is a free Android emulator for Windows and Mac and it allows you to Download, Install and Play Android Games and Apps on Computer or Laptop […]

How to Download Inbox By Gmail APK Android App

Inbox-b-y-Gmail Have you heard of the open invites of Inbox by Gmail sometime back? It is the latest addition coming from the upcoming Android Lolipop in Android OS platform by Google. If you have got the invite, lucky you, from the Google for the Inbox, then all you got to do can simply rest back and enjoy using this beautiful […]


galaxy note 4

Samsung new 4K Display to come first in Galaxy Note 5

As you know, Samsung has been bragging out loud its newest and latest development of a 4K AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen display for quite a while now. But, it is apparent according Full Story »



LG G3S Review: Low Specifications in a Premium Body

LG G3 S is in essence the smaller version of LG G3. It gets a 5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and carries a display resolution of 720p with 294 ppi pixel density. It is power Full Story »



Apple iPad Air 2: Nice Refinement over the previous year’s model

Apple iPad Air 2 finally arrives after several rumours regarding the specification upgrades. Although, we do not see a lot of drastic changes, but we see some nice developments as Full Story »


Tim Cook

Apple Announces iPad Air 2 , Retina Mac and more (Full Event Coverage)

Today is a big day for Apple, as today is the day when the Cupertino Company will announce their new iPads, OS X Yosemite, new Macs and probably a touchscreen MacBook Pro or Air or Full Story »